Star Wars 8: NEW lightsaber color to be revealed

Star Wars expanded universe has never had a shortage of lightsaber colors including but limited too:

  • Mara Jade and Mace Windu’s Purple Lightsaber
  • The Dark Saber which is Black
  • The Jedi temple guard and Sentinals Yellow
  • Ashoka’s dual white blades
  • Jedi master Adi Gallia’s crimson (but not red)
  • Princess Lea’s Orange from Star Wars: Masters of Teräs Käsi
  • The Imperial knights Silver blades

Sadly the film’s have focused on Blue, Red and Green, which has left the expanded universe feel very different from the main films. If I am right in current cannon the color a light saber takes is based on its users relationship to the force. Where green symbolizes a strong connection to the force and red is caused when a force user causes a Khyber crystal to bleed, the color is very important. So with the Last Jedi apparently going to reveal a new color of blade it has left many of us wondering, what will it be and who will receive it? In my mind it will probably be the Dark Sider’s, as the light has always had more variety and if this film is about finding balance within the force it would make sense. Though they have hiding photo’s of Luke holding a blade which really has me thinking has he switched, perhaps Snoke and his guard could have a gold colored sabers to represent his regal life style or they could give Daisy Ridley the Pink Glittery light saber she said she wanted.

This one is such a tease but dam it if we don’t want to know the answer !

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