Hot Topic have teamed up with Her Universe To Treat Female Nerds Everywhere

A few weeks back when Justice League came out Hot Topic treated us to come pretty awesome street jackets, well they have continued this trend and this time they have teamed up with Miss Universe to bring us these lovely outfits, which though they are from a long time ago in a galaxy far far away they are very much in fashion here and now.

Above we have a simple dress in the style of Rey’s outfit from “The Force Awakens”, perfect for a desert stroll this is light and instantly recognizable to any Star Wars fan.

Another Rey themed addition to this collection is the “Last Jedi” inspired Cardigan above. This is based on Rey’s outfit from the most recent crop of trailers.

Not usually a fan of Jump Suits but this BB-8 themed one really won me over, dam that little droid, it’s so hard to hate him.

A simple long sleeved Tee that states ‘I love you’, it is hard to go wrong with this one.

Out of all the Miss Universe designs this Captain Phasma jacket is my favorite. I just love how we now live in a world where not only can girls be nerdy but they can do it beyond wearing a few dorky T-shirts. If you want to see more why don’t you head over to Hot Topic yourself?

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