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Dynamite: Purgatori #3

I think I need to start sending my therapy bills to writer Ray Fawkes, because with every issue I seem to be becoming a little more creepily obsessed with blood-red skinned women with horns and wings. I do not think that is normal…

I know you are probably telling me to stop reading the book.

but I can’t!

The book is just that dam good, so I must soldier on and deal with my inner demons another day.

Purgatori persists with her relentless hunt for the witches’ coven that has been plaguing her since the first issue. Our crimson protagonist continues to be overconfident and does not seem to see the danger she is in. and that dear readers is one of the many reasons why I am loving this book so much. We know she is caught in a trap, yet we are helpless to stop her and the tension is slowly but steadily building.  

Another reason I love this book is the world-building, this issue brought us some horrific monsters and taught us a little bit more about Darwish, our heroes companion. I know this may rub some people the wrong way, but I like that they chose to make this holy warrior not white, it was a minor, yet the refreshing change of pace from what I am used to. 

And with this character and all the new monsters we got to see comes a lot more fantastical art. courtesy of Alvaro Sarraesca. I won’t say much but there is an amazing transformation scene where two monsters turn human that is just perfect. And in the latter half of the book, there are several scenes where red is the primary colour and it is here that Salvatore Aiala truly shines. 

From start to finish such a fantastic read, I really cannot wait for more.

And if you want to grab yourself a copy then be happy as it is due for release on the 15th of December 2021.

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