Ridiculous Cult Classic Tammy and the T-Rex Gets A Uncut 4K Blu-Ray Release

This is one no one saw coming, the genius but fucking weird cult horror classic about a man whose brain is put into an animatronic T-Rex is getting a 4k Blu-Ray release.

What makes this film better than most random rereleases is that it will be released in it’s true uncut format with all the intended gore that the fans have been dying for. If you are not famialar with the film then you will be surprised to know that the plot is surprisingly sweet. The plot follows Tammy and Micheal played by Denise Richards and Paul Walker. they are young and in love sadly this love is not meant to last for Tammy has a brutal ex. This ex is the leader of a gang and he and his gang literally feed the boy to a Lion. But all is not lost for Dr. Wachenstein, played by Weekend At Bernie’s star Terry Kiser, extracts Michael’s brain and puts it into an animatronic T. Rex, which then goes on a violent rampage while attempting to reunite with his lost love.


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