Daredevil (2015) Netflix Series – A Review of Episodes Seven – Nine *May, or may not, contain Spoilers*


Well, it’s that time again readers. I’m fresh from watching the next three episodes of Netflix’s Daredevil and, once again, I’m going to tell you all about it. From my previous reviews (on this subject) it’s easy to see that I’ve been more than a little impressed with the series thus far. In a contrast to the rather ‘over the top’ and almost comic representation of Stan Lee’s character, in the cinematic attempt, this interpretation has really lent a sense of realism to the character. The scenes depicting Daredevils ‘powers’ and his ability to ‘see’ are no longer laughable and are instead almost believable. So much so that, in an attempt to test my prowess, I walked clean into a bed post…

So yes, as a result of the previous three episodes the rivalry and and mutual hatred between Fisk and Daredevil had reached an all time high. An epic game of cat of mouse was one focal point as well as a true demonstration as to the level of Fisk’s influence and the scale of corruption within the ranks of Hell’s Kitchen’s Police Force.

The next three episodes focus on the aftermath of these events and also a battle of nerve between Fisk and Murdock. They test each other’s weak spots, limits and, in the case of Murdock, their own limitations. One of the main focal points of these episodes is the debate playing on Daredevil’s mind. Is he willing to take the ultimate step to rid his city of Fisk? Or will his personal, and religious beliefs, win out? So yes, as you might be able to tell from that short synopsis, these next few episodes are chockablock with tension, intrigue and power plays (ding ding).

You will see in my previous reviews I’m not one for giving much away.. I will however say that one episode saw the introduction of what has become my favourite character, and another, contained a fight sequence from which the conclusion nearly had me falling out of my chair (well, bed).

In all, it seems like there are a number of twists and turns in front of me yet. Daredevil has proved to be a masterclass in how to string an audience along, will them into a false security and then hit them over the head with a car door (ha!) when they realise that things aren’t quite panning out how they (or Murdock) had planned.

Well, I’m going to leave it there for now readers. However, once again I shall emerge from the shadows (subtle reference) and give my take on the next three episodes. Until then, I’m going to make like one of Hell’s Kitchen’s more infamous Russian’s and ‘head’ off (ah, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha…)


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