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Interview with Amy from Cakes with Faces at Birmingham MCM Expo

Jenny: You mentioned on your Cakes with Faces twitter  that people where interested in the dress you are wearing at Birmingham MCM Expo, can you tell us a little about the dress?

Amy: I got it when i was in Tokyo on holiday in the summer, it was such a good time and it’s from Harajuku.


Jenny: Do you go to Tokyo often?

Amy: I’ve been there twice and i’d love to ho back, it’s the trip of a lifetime and i just want to go back again.

Jenny: For business or for pleasure?

Amy: Just for pleasure, shopping, having a look around and buying some things.

Jenny: Have you been to the Studio Ghibli Museum?

Amy: I have yeah, it was really fun.

Jenny: What is your favourite Studio Ghibli film?

Amy: My Neighbour Totoro but i was disappointed in the Studio Ghibli Museum as they only let the kids go on the Cat Bus. It’s just not fair.

Jenny: You bought some records from JPU Records  have you had a chance to listen to them yet?

Amy: I haven’t listened to them yet but i’m looking forward to the compilation i bought which is called Pizza of Rock, which sounds fantastic. It’s a CD of covers by J-POP female groups of UK Pop songs.

Jenny: Are you a huge fan of J-Pop?

Amy: I do like it, i don’t know many bands but there is a few that i like, Broken Doll, Berry Roll. I like the ones that are really upbeat, fast, with female singers particularly in J-Pop groups.

Jenny; Do you get a lot of influence from Japanese culture?

Amy: I do, a lot of the things i have drawn are things from Japan such as Japanese food, which i like to eat and draw.

Jenny: What’s your favourite Japanese food?

Amy: I do like okonomiyaki which i tried for the first time in HyperJapan in the UK and then when we went to Tokyo we went to an okonomiyaki restaurant and they give you the ingredients in a bowl. Then you cook it yourself, which was really fun.

Jenny: Can you tell us about any plans for new products for the future?


Amy: I’m sure i will be bringing out some more t-shirts and i’d love to do another recipe comic book like my how to make sushi comic book. This time i’d like to make one for cakes and i’ll call it treats, it will have cakes, biscuits and other yummy things.


Jenny: What’s been the most popular purchase at your stall at Birmingham MCM Expo?

Amy: This time it’s been CakeZilla again, it was a new T-shirt for London MCM Expo October 2013 and was the most popular there and again here at Birmingham MCM Expo.


Jenny: Are you gonna do be at any other expos next year?

Amy: The next show is back here again in Birmingham in March 2014 (Birmingham MCM Expo 2014) so nothing for a little while over Christmas. After that we will be at MCM London in May 2014.

Jenny: Can you tell us a little about your website should anyone wish to visit it and purchase some of your designs?

Amy: Its  and I’ve just redesigned it so it’s looking all lovely with a new background and lots of pictures. You can see all my drawings there and i do a blog so you can see what I’ve been up to.  You can order everything online as well.

Jenny: Can you tell us a little about your blog?

Amy: My blog is about all my new products, shows I’ve been to, drawings that I’ve done, any other fun little art bit’s n pieces. A while ago i photoshopped one of my Anime figures to make it look like it was wearing a Cakes with Faces t=shirt, just for fun.

Jenny: What do you do when you aren’t working on Cakes with Faces?

Amy: Cakes with Faces takes up a lot of my time but i love drawing and i also enjoy making sushi at the weekends. It nice to spend an afternoon making some sushi and eating it all.


Jenny: Do you have any plans for a store?

Amy: I would love to, i don’t think it’s possible right at the moment. For now it’s about staying on the internet and going to shows but that would be a really cool thing to do and i’d love to paint it and do murals.

Jenny: So sometime in the future you would like to have one then?

Amy: One day. It’s just a dream for now.

Jenny: Would you like to say anything to your fans?

Amy: I’d like to say thank you to everyone who came to the London show and today (Birmingham) and it’s really great to meet people at the stall, especially people I’ve been talking to on the internet.It’s nice to meet them in real life.

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