Birds of Prey Looks To Be A Violent Delight

Every new trailer that I see for this film gets me more and more excited. This latest trailer fills in a few of the blanks, for instance we finally know why the Birds of Prey come together and it’s for survival reason because they are all being hunted by the villainous Black Mask, played by Ewan Mcgregor. It seems like Black Maks may have bitten off more than he can shew with this group that includes a cop, a metahuman, a pick-pocket, a vigilante and what ever the hell Harley Quinn is.

As always Margot Robbie shines but what makes this film unique is the cast along with Robbie who hold each other and bring out the best in each other. Having a team of badass women was apparently going to be some sort of gamble – though I do not know why. Anyone who skips this film because it has female superheroes is an idiot because 1. That is stupid and 2. they are not really heroes, more anti-heroes.

I for one think this film is going to be one wild ride.

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