Your Geeky Girl Crushes Part 17

Yes at this point even I think this is going to far, but my OCD pushes me to wanna hit 20. So here is list 17. If you want to see where this all began then check out our original list. And if you want to help us create a list of sexiest nerdy men then please contact us. If you have never seen one of these lists before then basically it is our favorite Geeky Girl crushes and no we are not just looking at attractive women in skimpy cosplay, we are looking for impressive, fun and already badass ladies who are skilled and talented in their own right.

Michele Morrow

For this list I think I need to kick it off with the literal cool girl that is Michele Morrow. If you have not heard of her then come out of the rock that you have been living under. She is a television presenter, actress, writer, video game journalist and producer (Plus possibly also a Windrunner – though I find this dubious). There are few as cool as her and that is why we love her. If you need any more convincing then check out her Twitter.


Vivid Vision

A multilingual Cosplayer/Foodie – well that is a recipe for awesome. She is one of the worlds best cosplayers and always brings a unique charm to all of her costumes. If you like many others are stuck at home right now then check out her Discord Server, it is a lot of fun.

Myrtle Sarrosa

She is actually one of the first every Cosplayers that I ever followed and unlike many others she has taken that and done so much with it. Coming out of Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition 4, the Philippines junior version of Big Brother she quickly garnered a massive following and has taken then into the world of entertainment becoming an actress, cosplayer, host, singer and songwriter – also graduating from upper education. This women truly is a force to be reckoned with.


Rileah Vanderbilt

Rileah Elizabeth Vanderbilt  is an American actress and producer. She is one of the founding members of Team Unicorn and all roudn Uber nerd. Though you might no her more from her less serious films such as the awesome Mega Shark vs. Kolossus, she has also done quite a few smaller projects like James Gunn’s PG Porn series.



Amber Wadham, is an exceptionally talented streamer hailing from Australia and has been creating quite a stir with her savage and brilliant roasting of fans and haters that cross the line, which you gotta respect her for. If you want to see something truly unique then check out the streams she does when she creates fake news segments to troll her haters, it is very funny.

Aoife Wilson

Aoife is a writer, video producer, TV presenter and self proclaimed Khaleesi (though she is quick to point out that she owns no land, army or dragons. Yet.) She has worked for Videgame Nation, Euro Gamer and BBC. She is living proof that not everyone from Northern Ireland is crazy – which I can say because that is where we are based.

Natalie Kim 

I discovered Natalie Kim around the time I discovered The Nerds of Color – an excellent site that you should all check out. Natalie is a comedian, actress and writer one that I think not enough of us have heard of. Though if you are fans of Madame Secratary or the short lived Time after Time then you might remember her from there.

The Blerdgurl

Adding this one to my list was something I was hesitant about because I am a huge fan of her work. Seriously check out her homepage. Karama is someone who gives a much needed perspective on all things nerdy and is a far better writer than the likes of me. Not only does she cover a demographic which nerd culture often overlooks, but she does this with a delightfully witty persona and one that I think you will all come to appreciate.


This Vlogger based out of Japan is the human personification of Adorkable, mix that with a charming onscreen charisma and you will become a fan instantly.

Monika Lee

Monika Lee is another one of the OG cosplayer’s and was mentored by the now Legendary Yaya Han. though in recent years she is cosplaying less and less you can still easily find her online. She has in the past worked with both Syfy and Blizzard plus as you can see makes some pretty epic cosplay too.

Did we miss anyone? If so you should check out our other lists or comment below.

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