Nerd Bites

Your Geeky Girl Crushes Part 16

Even I am a little surprised that we made it this far but here we are at part 16 proving once again that

  1. Nerdy girls do exist

  2. And that not only do they exist but they are very easy to have a crush on

As per all the other lists these women are exceptionally talented individuals who are here to show the world that they are masters of their fields weather be artistic or academic each is immensely accomplished.


Jordin McGrath – one3yedneko

This incredibly talented artist who goes by the moniker One Eyed Neko. First off love the name secondly I do love her art.


This Texan native has a real hardcore following on Twitter, Instagram and Only fans and it is easy to see why. She effortlessly mixes making great costumes with a natural sex appeal that so many girls try but plenty fall short of.

Hallie Rubenhold

Hallie Rubenhold is a British historian and author. Her work specializes in 18th and 19th century social history and women’s history. Her 2019 book, The Five, about the lives of the women murdered by Jack the Ripper was awarded the Baillie Gifford Prize for Non-fiction and was named the Hay Festival Book of the Year. 


Formerly MiyukiCosplay she now goes by MiyukiCreates is currently working a DJ in L.A.

Lily Bailey

Lily Bailey is a model and writer who lives in London. She has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, better known as OCD, and is hoping this, her first book, will adjust the public perception of the condition. But that is not why we talking about her here, turns out that this incredibly talented women is also a massive Dr Who fan.

Isobel Yeung

Isobel Yeung is an incredibly skillful long-form documentary correspondent. In her short but expansive career she has covered a variety of issues, ranging from terrorism, to mental health. Her work has earned her two Emmy Awards and a Gracie Award.

Lucy James

You may not be famaialr with her but you should know Lucy James by her work. She is the Host, Senior Video Producer, & Showrunner on Audio Logs all for a little company called Gamespot.


This self professed MCU and My Hero Academia fan has quite the following online. As you can see these fans are regularly rewarded by the amazing costumes that she crafts.

Violet Orlandi


This singer song writer came to my attention with her cover of “Toss A Coin To Your Witcher”. Violet specializes in performing Rock covers of famous songs which has lead to some strange and epic places.

Lola Zieta

Lola is Indonesia’s number one cosplayer and covers a variety of genera’s.

Is there anyone I missed off the list, please comment below.

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