Our Geeky Girl Crushes Part 7

If you have been following us over the past few months you will know that we at Nerdgeist have been compiling a list of our Geek Girl crushes – though I am starting to think Nerdy Women may be a better term. The initial point of this was to prove to a friend of mine that attractive nerdy women exist – I think we have done that over and over again but right now we are pushing for 100. So if you think we missed anyone check out our previous lists or comment below.

Vicky Black Eagle Trash

An All Round Geeky Lady

A lesser known yet still adored cosplay Wiz and who is a self confessed boardgames addict and Netflix Junkie. It is nearly impossible to deny this womens nerdy charms. Unlike a lot of the other women on this list Vicky less public about her life, yet still she is really worth checking out on Twitter – her feed is awesome.

Jessica Nigri

The Empress Of Cosplay


Even people outside of the Nerd sphere will be familiar with this women. She is one of the worlds most popular Cosplayer’s and helped take Cosplay into the mainstream. I could type a lot more about her, but let’s face if you have already ran off to google her.

Rach Shackleton

The Envoy To All Things Gaming

This English beauty is one of the resident gaming experts from What Culture and will easily win you over with her charm and love of gaming. Not only does this girl Talk the Talk but she Walks the Walk too.

Ashley Gosiengfiao

Not Just A Little Sister

Ashley is the younger sister of Alodia Gosiengfiao and has garnered her own following in the twitch and convention circuit. Though she may not be as famous as her sister she really is worth checking out.

Amy Shira Teitel

To Infinity and Beyond

Amy Shira Teitel is a Canadian-American author, popular science writer, spaceflight historian, YouTuber, and podcaster, best known for writing Breaking the Chains of Gravity and her YouTube channel, Vintage Space. She has also written for The Daily Beast, National Geographic, Discovery News, Scientific American, Ars Technica, Al Jazeera English, and Popular Science. She is a co-host for the Discovery Channel’s online DNews channel. Amy has referred to herself as a “professional space history nerd”.


The One Women Band

Kawehi is an extremely talented and underrated musician who comes at music from a very unique place. If you are looking for a sound that is like nothing you have ever heard before then this is your women. Plus she loves Pizza so that is translates to automatic win.

Chloe Dykstra

A Nerdy Legacy

Though Chloe is a fantastic Cosplayer and the host of her own shows these are not the things that make her nerdiness standout. Chloe’s father invented the Dykstra camera and it was created for and used in Star Wars – A New Hope. So can anyone top that?

Some kids may have tried to shun this sort of legacy but she has fully embraced it and we love her for it.

Lindsey Stirling

The Geeky Player

Lindsey’s rise to fame is partly down to her talent and her tenacity but also she is just brilliant at using social media to her advantage. Originally coming from reality Tv she has created a fantastic back catalogue of original pieces and covers. Some of these covers include the music of Zelda and Skyrim – so you see why we included her. If you are unfamiliar with her then you need to check her out, she mixes her dancing with her violin playing and it is bloody impressive.

Belle Delphine

The Adorable Troll

Before we begin I am not saying that Belle Delphine is a troll I am simply saying I love how she trolls her audience. Belle shot to fame recently by selling her bath water and also creating a pornhub account that was just bonkers. She is a girl who loves to have fun and does not seem to let anyone get in her way, so yes she has earned by respect – though doubt she wanted or needed it. 

Emily Tangerine

Orange You Glad We Added Her

Emily is a journalist who wears her Chinese heritage with pride. She covers a wide variety of topics but let’s face it many of you will have honed in on her Chung Li outfit, yes she has a geeky and dorky side, though it seems her’s may be a little more subtle than most and there is nothing wrong with that.


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