Overwatch League Host – Soe Gschwind-Penski garners death threats on International Women’s Day

This story just baffles me, so long and short is that Overwatch League Host Soe received death threats for thanking supportive men on International Women’s Day. So it looks like she feminist wrongly, seriously what the hell 2018, are we still going to behave in such a silly way. On Thursday of this week Soe decided to send out a tweet reminding everyone that its international women’s day and the original tweet stated :

Shortly after she sent this out Soe received a message informing her that she had “some internal misogyny to deal with.” In response to this Soe retweeted the reply to defend her position.

“Oh I am sorry,” she wrote, “did I offend you by treating ALL genders equal and thank humans for treating each other the way they should? Believe it or not but women are not the only ones fighting for equality.”

Shortly after doing this Soe received support from another Twitter user and then we where served to this exchange:

I am honestly a little sad that we live in a world where someone has to thank me for being their equal because it really shouldn’t be this way and honestly Soe no thanks is ever necessary, but what really brings me down is the pettiness of some small people for sending her death threats and hate filled messages. If Soe had made a hateful angry message then maybe this could me justified but all she did was thank the men that have stood by and supported women. I had hoped we had evolved beyond this crap sadly no. Its ok to disagree with someone but you do not need to give out empty cowardly threats! Honestly I feel like just because I am a man I have no say in this, but as a human I have to say to anyone who thinks what she said should result in a public stoning, seriously just walk out in front of a bus and do us all a favor. Now onto the important issue we do really need to get some female players in the Overwatch League, especially since I play with a very skilled female player I know and anyone with common sense knows that women are just as good as men. So now that we have this over and done with, lets hope we can move forward and try and do better as a species.


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