How I think Supernatural could continue in Season 13 (Spoiler Alert)

Supernatural — “Bloodlines” — Image SN920b_0462 — Pictured (L-R): Jared Padalecki as Sam and Jensen Ackles as Dean — Credit: Carole Segal /The CW — © 2014 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

After twelve years with our wayward sons, the Winchesters are still carrying on and to be honest I’m rather impressed. For the most part the show has wrapped up all its loose ends and never really gets enough credit for having the balls to kill off its characters even if we love them. The show is always willing to dive right into the dirt and put their cast in mortal danger, even if Dean and Sam have both died on more than one occasion, the show still has a sense of danger about it. Also unlike most shows it can handle both high and low stakes without either causing issues for the other. We know next season they will be surrogate fathers to Lucifer’s son, which is going to be weird since Sam was at one point Lucifer’s vessel that being said there are a few other things I would love to see next season:

The Battle for hell

Crowley may actually be dead, sacrificing himself to get the ultimate one up against Lucifer and possibly because he cares about Dean and Moose, but hell has not frozen over. There will be other players who want the throne, maybe a fallen Angel, one of the Princes of Hell or another demon who thinks they could be King. This could be an interesting back drop for a season, finding that the Winchesters could act as King Makers in hell, perhaps by the actions of their death.

The Antichrist

He had only one appearance and I think that he is the only person in existence that could help Jack understand what it is to be both human and celestial. It would be nice to see him make a return this season especially as it could fit the narrative.

Band on the Run

Dean and Sam could spend a good chunk of this season on the run from Heaven and Hell trying to show Lucifer’s son the good in this world. Though I think they need an old enemy to come back looking for some revenge. Kali was Gabriel’s lover and I would love to see her and a force of Pagan Gods go after the Winchesters in an act of revenge against Lucifer.

The third brother

Adam is still trapped in Hell and I’d like part 1 of the season to be about the Antichrist and Lucifer’s son trying to get along with the 2nd half of the season to deal with Sam, Dean and Adam trying to get along, I think from a human perspective this could be very interesting.

The return of Bobby and Mary

Death had never stopped a Winchester so why should dimensions? Maybe Lucifer finds his way back to Earth but Mary and Bobby follow him through and this leads to an amazing kick ass finale.

The American Men of Letters

Hopefully while the boys are on the run their remaining allies could move into the bunker and help restart the Men of Letters but only better.

John Winchester

Honestly not sure how but I want John to come back or maybe to be sent back by Chuck, in the ultimate Deaus ex Mechana, to help save his boys from some awful end.

The Campbell’s

Though most of Mary’s family were slaughtered maybe some could still be kicking around who would come for revenge, only to see Mary alive, this is only if she comes back from the other Earth.

The Twins

A new non human sidekick

I feel like the series is really missing something if Cas is dead, though I doubt he will stay dead, but if he does I think something like a Fae who is a huge fan of the supernatural book series would be a fun mix.

Old Friends Returned

It would be nice to see some people brought back but in a sensible and not too outrageous way.

So in an my ideal set up I would love this season to be about Sam and Dean on the run from Angels, Demons and Pagan Gods, with Jack in tow. Along the way they would gain help from the Antichrist, free their brother, save Mary bringing along a new Bobby Singer and gaining a new replacement for Castiel, maybe it could be their brother, a renegade Fae or werewolf enhanced Garth Fitzgerald. With all these resources they would set about rebuilding the American Men of Letters but in a way that suits them. All the while Lucifer would be back for one final war on Earth. If this was the final season, which I doubt, I would love to see the Antichrist take control of hell, While Lucifer’s son takes control of heaven, both ending the eternal war between Heaven and Hell. As for Sam and Dean that I narrow down to three options:

  1. Going out like Butch and Sundance, this is something that Dean has dreamed of and to a certain extent this makes sense, it’s the logical way to end it, the two brothers go all out at the end and die saving the world, which leads to them ending up in heaven being reunited with John, Charlie, Bobby, Kevin, Jo, Ellen and the many others they lost along the way. Though after over a decade it would be very sad to see them die. Ideally this ending would be set to I’m sailing away by Sty.
  2. They reform the men of letters and the series ends on an ambiguous note where we see the surviving friends and maybe some new ones busying about the bunker, which is now the heart of the North American hunter network, as the boys are given a new case ( probably from Jodie who would be suited to the leadership role) they would walk to their car talking about stopping off somewhere on the way for the best pie in the state. Ideally this time you would have carry on my wayward son being played
  3. The mega happy ending. This would be the hardest to pull off. After some epic final battle with a rogue faction of Angels or a Demon Prince, possibly possessing a monster instead of a human, the Winchesters would finally be able to settle down. Dean would retire and maybe end up back with Lisa or Robin and Sam would begin to lead the men of Letters but in a supervisory role with a now resurrected Charlie as his assistant and returned castiel acting as their contact in Heaven, alternate bobby as the Quartermaster, Mary and resurrected John going off to be alone together, maybe a one vengeful Campbell working as an operative and any other surviving hunter working for them too. Ideally this would end with Guns N Roses knocking on heaven’s door and a monologue by Chuck himself, with the Darkness reading his final draft and in a nod to an earlier episode making suggestions like adding in Aliens.

After typing this I am thinking this may be too much for one season, so maybe two season and a feature length finale… or am I being too hopeful? i’m hoping some of these scenarios could be touched upon during a potential panel at San Diego Comic-Con next month.

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