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The Flash #1 (2016) Comic Book Review

The life of a hero isn’t always an easy one. The pressure is always on to save as many people as possible and guilt, for those that you weren’t able to save, lingers still. ‘Flash #1’ is a great showpiece of these, lesser seen, levels and gives us a glimpse of the inner thoughts of one of the brightest stars of the DCU.

Warning: There may be possible spoilers ahead.

‘Barry Allen’ has always been one of the more two-dimensional characters in the ‘Justice League’. Like a number of the superheroes in DC, he was once human and therefore has a closer affinity to his fellow man. However, Barry has always gone the extra mile and, like the one-shot before this, we see the limits he will push himself to, in order to achieve the best possible outcome, for as many possible.

As well as this display of character we are also treated to another depiction of his origins, as well as, what seems to be, the origins of a new speedster in town. Barry is seen to lament the loss of his, recently rediscovered, ally ‘Wally West’, to the ‘Titans’, so perhaps this new player has emerged at a very opportune time. Also, given that Barry indicates that he is content to leave the investigation of ‘the lie’ to the ‘Titans’(aside from his undergoing investigations with ‘Batman’), he may have a bit of time on his hands, so perhaps this is an ideal time to take on a new mentee.


This issue also depicts some of the closest relationships in Barry’s life and we see how much he relies on them for guidance and support. Unlike a number of superheroes Barry has never really been a lone ranger and there have been many instances in his history where he will do anything to save them, even so far as ripping time itself. Although his allies such as ‘Kid Flash’ and the new ‘Flash’ will have their own battles to contend with, their boundless loyalty to Barry is a clear indication that they will hurry to ‘Central City’, should Barry ever need them.

Thus far, writer Josh Williamson has treated this much loved character with great care. Barry’s selfless character is depicted brilliantly as well as his need to save others. Williamson has managed to lend a very human side to ‘The Flash’ as we see him battle with his own limitations and his insatiable need to do more.

Alongside this great narrative are Di Giandomenico’s illustrations. Throughout this issue his images are vibrant and almost electric, therefore depicting brilliantly the core foundation of Barry’s power, the ‘Speed Force’ itself.

In all, ‘The Flash’ series continues to deliver. This comic offers a very human perspective of the superhero lifestyle and therefore makes it one of the more relatable series in the DCU. So for those of you who really want understand the mind-set of one of their heroes, make like Barry and dash to your local comic dispensary now!

Score: 8/10

The Flash #1 is available to buy from today by clicking here or by visiting your local comic book retailer.

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