Interview with Night Owls (2015) Director and cast at SXSW Film Festival


Director Charles Hood, Actress Rosa Salazar and Actor Adam Pally.

Just before we start, can you go round the table and state what your part was in the movie?

Adam Pally: I’m Adam Pally. I play Kevin in the movie Night Owls.
Charles Hood: I’m Charles Hood. I was the co writer and director.
Rosa Salazar: My name is Rosa Salazar and I play Madeline.

As the co writer and director do you want to tell us more about the film?


Charles: Sure, it takes place in one night and it’s kind of a one night stand that goes horribly wrong. Adam brings home Rosa. They go home for a one night stand and she turns out to be his boss’s ex mistress. And she takes a bottle of sleeping pills and he’s got to keep her awake all night. And it kind of goes from there. They get to know each other better and some things are revealed and fun times.

Adam: That’s how Charles pitches most of his movies. He likes to lull you to sleep.

Charles: But it always ends in fun times.

Adam: Charles’ tactic is to relax so much that you forget you’re listening to a movie pitch.

You’ve directed and wrote 4 films but this is your first feature film, can you tell us about that experience?

Charles: I did one low budget feature right out of college that I directed and then a couple of shorts but other than that this is my first feature and it’s kind of like my first real movie because it’s the first time I’ve really had a budget to do something. My first movie I made out of college was made with scotch tape and glue. Our cinematographer, who actually also shot Night Owls, it was the first time I’d even done anything and I worked with him and I will continue to work with him.

Rosa: Adrian Correia

Charles: He’s amazing. He would operate boom while also shooting the movie.

Rosa: He’s so freakishly talented. There were times where I was like why are you here? You could be doing stuff at Cannes or whatever.

Adam: Yeah I would always be like what are you doing here? You could be in Cannes. You could be famous. Shouldn’t you be running down the canals of Venice?

Rosa: Shouldn’t you be at Tribeca film festival?


Do you have any good stories to tell from working on the Night Owls set?

Adam: So many. Let’s see, I broke Rosa’s rib.

Rosa: We watched Ride Along in between takes.

Adam: For like 4 days straight.

Rosa: Yeah we love that. Ride Along is like the best comedy in the last 5 years.

Adam: I brought a food truck for the crew at like 3 in the morning and the neighbours called the police. So when the crew came out to get the food truck it was driving away.

Rosa: I had sex with everyone in the house. Girls and boys.

Adam: Yeah Rosa, her appetite can be unquenched by water or sex.

Rosa: Voracious.

Adam: Let’s see. There’s gotta be some other funny scenes.

Rosa: Well there’s one that isn’t funny.

Adam: Okay.

Rosa: Let’s bring the mood down. Well with the change in script as it becomes more morning, as it becomes more like (starts speaking French). That’s French Adam.

Adam: I speak Paris.

Rosa: You learned in Cannes. I saw a noticeable change in us. The whole night we’re so close. We’re sparring buddies and we’re lovers and we’re friends and we’re all of these things to each other. But when the light of day comes there’s like this rude awakening. I really saw that in me and Adam as people and it’s also a testament to Adams acting ability. I saw a noticeable shift in us as people.

Adam: Yeah.

Rosa: How we interacted. And that was something everyone, well our crew was like 4 and a half people.

Adam: They felt it too. We didn’t really shoot chronologically. But for the most part.

Charles: I think we did. We shot 3 weeks. And the first week was the first third of the movie. Second was the second third of the movie. And the third was the third.

Adam: Yeah so it was semi chronological and by that last day we had been through so much together. An entire relationship. Yeah we had literally fallen and broken up. And that last morning was really gutwrenching. You felt that. I think everybody on set felt us being like avoiding each other and pulling away from each other.

Rosa: And it was nothing done on purpose. It was just like I feel differently towards this person.

Adam: Yeah because the movie’s ending and also because of the characters, those lines can bleed. So I think it ended up helping the performance. So when you see that last day there’s this tension of I wish this wasn’t the way this was going down.

Rosa: It took a couple of months to completely dissociate with.

Adam: Oh yeah it took me a while.

Rosa: It was so hard. In a lot of ways now I have perspective because its been a year and now we’re at South By Southwest and it’s all fun. But it really did change me.

Adam: Yeah it took a long time.

Rosa: It took a long time for me to separate from it so when we were doing press today 2 interviewers were like “what are you going to do for Night Owls 2?”. And we were like wow, oh, because we would like to live in that world again and we’d like to see. I mean these people evolved so much over the span of one night and we’d like to see them evolve over a different span of time.

Adam: Yeah similar to Before Sunset and that type of movies.

Rosa: Before Sunrise.

Adam: Sunrise. And during dusk. Yeah it was an intense experience to live with the people you’re making a movie with and then immediately not live with them and see them anymore. So I think that showed at the end of the movie, like the whole movie was pulling away.

So it was a very intimate performance in general?

Adam: Very

Rosa: We did this movie in an incubator.

Adam: Yeah, I’ve never done a movie like this.

Rosa: I don’t think a lot of people do a movie like this.

Charles: And we were all literally living at the house.

Rosa: We would cut and I would go to my room and watch Bullets Over Broadway on a loop. And like a child listening to their parents stay up late at night I would hear Adrian Correia and Charles and Adam having scotch. And like the sun’s coming up and to us living like vampires that was night and it was time to have a scotch and talk about the next days work. Just so fucking cool.

Adam: Yeah it was really fun. And I don’t know if you often get that chance and I don’t know if we will again. But it was really nice to do it and now to feel a really bit of positive response.

Rosa: Yeah because we loved it so much we just want people to see it. We like it so much.


What’s the reaction been like to the film? You know people coming up to you, taking about it.

Rosa: My mom still won’t talk to me so…that would’ve been it. No I’m kidding.

Charles: We’ve had some good reactions. What was the one? Was it Austin 360?

Adam: Austin 360 and Collider were really nice.

Rosa: Austin 360 said to Charles that he reinvented the romantic comedy which I absolutely agree with.

Adam: Disagree with. Vehemently disagree with. Have you guys seen How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days? Because if you wanna talk about reinventing the wheel let me tell you something Kate Hudson, Matthew Mcconaughey they know how to do it.

So what do you plan to reinvent next?

Charles: I don’t know if we’ll be reinventing things but we have another film that we’re trying to out together to shoot this summer that Adam, well hopefully will have both of them in.

Rosa: I’m too busy.

Adam: Rosa is in like 9, Rosa’s an action star now. She in like the Mazerunner and Tazerunner and Blood Drippers and Kite Flyers. She’s got a lot going on. But I think the two people confirmed are me and Colin Hanks.

Charles: Yeah it’s about 3 brothers so we’re looking for a 3rd brother.

Adam: Rosa could play the oldest.

Rosa: I have short hair as well.

Adam: No one would ever believe you’re older than me don’t worry.

Rosa: I know, Adam does look so old so um.

Adam: I used to read for like 20-25 and now I read like 62.

Charles: So next projects?

Rosa: People look out for Insurgent.

Adam: They’re not going to have to look too hard. There’s like fucking giant billboards around for Insurgent.

Rosa: I’m not even in that movie that much. Keep a lookout for Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials coming out in September.

Adam: That’s the one where she really shines.

Rosa: Stop.

So you’re covering all the YA (Young Adult) franchises?

Rosa: I’m the only Latina in two action franchises ever.

Adam: Is that true? Michelle Rodriguez?

Rosa: Shut the fuck up. I told you not to mention that name. Ok I’m the second most Latina ever.

Adam: I think that me and Charles knew that when Rosa said yes we were lucky. Because we talked about in a year we would never be able to get her. And it’s not even been a year and we can’t get her.

Rosa: I remember the first day we were at the house and we were like getting to know each other, real world. And it’s the first day so everyone’s wearing their best clothes and on their best behaviour. He directed from his PJs a lot. Adam and I were sitting out back on this chez lounge and were talking and he was like thank you for doing this. And I was like no dude, thank you for letting me do this. You’re gonna be an action star one day.

Adam: Well I knew. Sometimes you just meet people and you know they’re gonna be more successful than you and that eats away at you. So when I met Rosa right away I was like this fucking bitch is gonna be so much bigger than me. I need to ride those freaky coat tails as far as I can get.

I think you need a martini for this. Couple of olives. It seems appropriate.

Adam: Am I Bond like right now? Jew Bond. I’m Bond. Jew Bond. Have you gotten in trouble lately? Need a Bond? Come down to Jew Bond.

Rosa: 1-800 999 Bond

Adam: We’ll get you out of jail with 16% interest.

Rosa: While you’re in the office can I interest you in a pair of shoes?

Adam: If you ever think the air conditioning is too high we’ll turn it down. We feel that draft too.

Do you ever think about doing advertising? Infomercials may be in your future.

Adam: Infomercials for me? No no no.

Rosa: Oh my god, shall we do one?

Adam: I definitely see myself headed down that path. Like if anyone were to offer me a proactive thing, even though my skin’s not that jacked up, I would take it in a fucking second.

Rosa: I have an adult acne I could do it.

Adam: You could.

Rosa: Are you mad at me now?

Adam: I could get adult acne in a second Rosa. All I have to do is rub that on my face and in like 2 seconds I’d be broken out and be like I need proactive. I’m Adam Pally.

Rosa: No you’ve got that good Jew skin.

Adam: Porcelain doll baby.

You could pretend to be a Latina womon and do as many action films as possible.

Adam: I’ve done a couple of action films. You guys don’t know this.

As a Latina woman?

Adam: As a Latina woman.

Rosa: He was in Iron Man 3 and I literally lost my shit when I saw him. I didn’t even know him or worked with yet. Not even on search party yet. And I was like that guy’s my friend and everyone was like can you be quiet?

Adam: Well have you seen the movie U Turn, the Oliver Stone movie. It’s action movie. It stars Jennifer Lopez. Well here’s a bit of insider information. That wasn’t Jennifer Lopez. That was me.

I knew it.

Rosa: Literally water just came through my nose.

Adam: U Turn. I was great in it. Do you wanna hear some of my lines from it? You ready?

Rosa: Enough.

Adam: Where we going? This the wrong way. You gots to make a u turn.

Rosa: When we were watching Ride Along between takes I specifically remember Adam going like, he’s like I can’t wait for one of these slides to be like Can I go on a ride along? I don’t know if you remember that.

Adam: Yeah. Anyways thank you for writing such good stuff about us.

Rosa: Yeah.

Adam: That’s what you’re going to do, right?

Rosa: No but absolutely.

Adam: I’ll give you a cheeseburger

Rosa: Please.

We will don’t worry.


Workaholic Kevin (Adam Pally) goes home with the beautiful train-wreck Madeline (Rosa Salazar) for a drunken one night stand, but he’s horrified to discover she’s actually his boss’ jilted ex-mistress. After she takes a bottle of sleeping pills, Kevin is forced to keep her awake all night. As Madeline and Kevin banter through the night, they begin to fall for each other.

The cast include Adam Pally (The Mindy Project), Rosa Salazar (Insurgent, Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials), Rob Huebel (The League), Tony Hale (Arrested Development) and Peter Krause (Six Feet Under).

Running Time: 90 minutes
Genre: Comedy Drama
For more information and release dates visit the official website at

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