Daredevil (2015) Netflix Series – A review of Episodes One-Three *May, or may not, contain spoilers*


I might be the first to raise the alarm here, but I really think that Marvel and DC are slowly, but surely taking over the air-waves. It seems that everyday I look to my local nerd guides (or friends) I’m advised of yet another new comic book series, spin off or movie that will hit a TV or cinema screen near you. Now for a comic book fan like myself, this would usually come as great news, but, in what seems to be becoming an over saturated market, it’s becoming easier and easier to find qualms or misgivings about the depiction of some of my much loved characters, from comic to film. Therefore, when I got wind that there was going to be a new series depicting Daredevil, you can imagine I was more than a little skeptical.

Now, I’m sorry to do this to you readers, but I’m going to ask you to cast your mind back to a previous adaptation of this character. The year is 2003 and comic book movies are a relatively, new breed. Ben Affleck appeared on our cinema screens in tight red leather and die hard comic (and cinema) fans, simultaneously, died a little inside. After this debacle Stan-Lee’s Daredevil’s likable anti-hero now seemed dangerous territory. He was now untouchable, and a mine field of unfortunate Affleck flash-backs. However, with their characters and ratings in the ascendancy, Marvel clearly felt brave enough to try again and, at long last, alongside Netflix, they announced a new take on this prolific character.

I’ll be the first to admit that I am yet to stick with, or follow a single one of the more recent comic, to TV, adaptations. I work a 9-5 slog and, in all honesty, I have found those that I have given some screen-time, a little lacking (though that’s for another day and article). So with my time restrictions in mind I only have so much time to put aside for TV (no matter how much I want to binge at times) and thus my review, much like my viewing time, will be in stages. So yes, as you can tell from the title at the top of this page, this review will focus on episodes one to three.

I’ll start by setting the scene. Its a Sunday night. I have work in the morning (bleugh). I can’t get Ben Affleck’s Batman voice out of my head and, in all, I’m setting myself up for major disappointment followed by a classic 90s animated Batman episode (in a bid to cheer myself up). So yeah, its clear to say I wasn’t expecting much.. But, ‘Holy Rusty Metal’, was I in for a surprise.

Can I start by saying, the opening sequence. Wow! It alone has already outshone its cinematic predecessor. I’ve always been a fan of theme tunes (Go, Go Power Rangers) but the sultry and dark, understated, but visually stunning sequence is literally dripping with the promise of great things to come (and yes I swallowed a thesaurus there). Opening credits and sequence over with, I then settled myself in for what would surely be a disappointing followup. Thankfully, you’ll notice, the theme of this first review is me being proved wrong. Repeatedly.

What followed this opening was instead an emotional roller coaster. In the space of three (fifty-odd minute) episodes I experienced many the emotion. I started at pensive, turned a sharp corner into glee and, at one point, I did a full loop-de-loop and (as shameful as this may be) burst into tears… I have, however, got wind of the fact that the revered director James Gunn (responsible for Guardians of the Galaxy) has publicly admitted bursting into tears, twice, in the course of the series. So yes, that makes me feel a little less of an emotional wreck, though still leaves me with little hope for me and my weak tear ducts.


Like many of you, I’m sure, I spent a lot of time pointing at the screen, and feeling very smug with myself, when I put a character’s name together with their 2D, comic counterpart (bearing in mind I was in a room alone). Of course, there are some variations in back-story, but, thus far, they haven’t taken as much of an artistic license as Gotham has with a few of its characters, such as the change of name for Pamela Isley (*table flip*). Thanks to their great actors, character development and a fantastic script, I have found myself more than willing to overlook these minor discrepancies and, have instead, found myself focusing on what has the promise of being a fantastic story arc.

So yes, thus far I am heavily invested in this series. Charlie Cox, in my opinion has already proved himself a far superior, and likable, Daredevil than his predecessor, so much so, that I’m already associating him with this character instead of his woefully plastic counterpart (sorry Ben).

maxresdefault (1)

Now, you may be reading this review and expect me to give something away about the plot. Something to make you prepared for what you’re about to watch. Not this time nerds! This first review is aimed to be as tantalizing as the show itself. I have given you a whole lot of reasons to tune in and therefore my review thus far is simple. WATCH IT!! So, until the next time, it seems that I am doomed to wreak havoc with my sleeping pattern, as I’m already planning my next visit to Hell’s Kitchen.

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