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To quote Tom Cruise, “we live in a cynical world “, those words are truer now than they where 18 years ago when he uttered them in Jerry Maguire. The internet has given us all a voice, its given us the ability to rage, show our anger and to yell into the void that is cyber space. I have been victim to this on many occasions and it can be disheartening for anyone creative when all you get is negativity. Youtube can be a very scary place as can Facebook, that’s why sites like Creativ are needed more now than ever.


I had the opportunity to interview the Co-Founder of Creativ Blake Brinker at Web Summit 2014. This conversation with him led me to understand that Creativ have lofty and noble ambitions, which is both unusual and awe inspiring in this modern world of angles and cold drawn lines. They have given us somewhere, where it’s free to like and love something and for that my hats off to them.


Can you tell our readers about your company and what it does?

We developed, which is a social media platform for people to share creativity, inspiration and ideas. Our hope is that we can help uplift humanity through the spreading of curiosity, imagination and creativity.


I take it that your platform is one of positivity with no negative feed back?

Yes, we found that there is a bit of a void in social media where a lot of the stigma surrounding it is that social media is the death of creativity. It turns into something that is not very sociable at all. Through Creativ we wanted to combat that with something that is inherently positive, after all we are all here at the Web Summit because we are creative, we are doing things that is disruptive and that’s what we care about.


What inspired you to start this site?

Well I am a student of history and one of the most compelling parts of history to me is the Renaissance. When creativity and science uplifted one another leading to tremendous break through’s in society and the affect that it had on humanity as a whole was so great and beneficial, many believe that today we are in a whole new Renaissance, if we are then we need a modern day tool to connect people throughout the world.


I see, so in theory by using your app we can share anything from science to art and music to storytelling, am I correct?

Yes, any form of media, we have a native blog creator which is kinda cool, you can share pictures, video and music. You can create your own presence via what we refer to as a portal builder which is essentially is like a website with no coding and it’s within the community. It’s all drag and drop interface. You can even sync social media content like Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter directly into your portal so that the user now has a one stop shop to network and share with the world what you’re doing.


Earlier you where saying to me that you can create groups on it dedicated to certain ideas.

Yes, we call these groups gatherings on Creativ. So we really encourage people to form gatherings and share conversations about particular topics and interests. This way the conversation goes further than “wow you have a really cool picture or wow this is a really cool idea.” We encourage our users to ask questions and provide instances where people can provide feedback but in a meaningful way.

Are there any limitations on what people can put up, other than the obvious things?

No, as a start up in a world of start ups one of our major challenges is over coming the noise. There is a lot of competition and so we now have the quest to find differentiation and then establish that in a way that people can understand you readily as they see you and as they see your brand that’s probably the biggest challenge aside from raising money which is also very very difficult.

How is the fund raising going at the moment?

It’s going good, we are currently in series A, where we are looking for anything between ten and twenty million to really scale our operation and really grow marketing efforts. At this point we have raised four million and its gone fairly well. Now we are talking to people throughout the world to facilitate the right type of investment so we can really hit home with our vision.

If someone wanted to invest how would they contact you?

They can contact me via my email address which is

Is there anything else that you want to say to our readers out there?

Just that if you have ideas, if you have things that inspire you, don’t be afraid to share them because the only way that you’re going to manifest your dreams is by putting yourself out there, by showing up and not being afraid to show your uniqueness and your individuality and just go for it.


This is a truly wonderful idea for a website and I just felt empowered and inspired by what the Creativ team where up to, they truly are kindred spirits and with me they now have another member on their site. You can sign up using your email, your Facebook and Google plus accounts and to end this I am going to use a little quote from Marianne Williamson.

It is our light not our darkness that most frightens us.

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.

Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

It is our light not our darkness that most frightens us.

 For more information and how to take part, you can check out their official website at

Editor in Chief: David

You can find me next at SXSW 2015 (Austin, Texas) & Emerald City Comic Con 2015 (Seattle).



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