Bad Neighbours (2014) Film Review


I think it needs to be said but I’m not a fan of Zac Efron; he is good looking, a great singer, got the moves and once again has proven he is hilarious, how the hell can I compete with that? By the way this is my review for Bad Neighbours. This film takes it ques from the classic frat comedy Animal House, Revenge of the Nerds, Old School and the lesser loved, but in my opinion still brilliant, House Bunny. It’s a film about friendship, partying and some good old fashioned hi-jinks. The only twist is the fraternity has a pair of uptight, but very sympathetic neighbours. In these films usually the neighbours are the villains, but here they are our protagonists and the role reversal is brilliant.

I really can’t say too much without giving anything away, but what i will tell you is the trailer does not even show the best bits. The film follows a couple with a newborn baby moving into a new neighbourhood and face unexpected difficulties following the establishment of a fraternity house in the next-door residence. An intensive conflict between the two parties ensues. In many ways this is a boys film. This is a movie of one up-manship and some very crass humour. Don’t worry ladies Mr Efron is without shirt in several scenes, so when things get a little gross just go to that place and smile. It’s a very generic idea that’s been taken and yes some of its predictable but in other cases things go further than expected. If you mix in; many awkward moments, a few penis jokes, some nerd references and of course some good old slap stick humour, this film knows what it is and knows what it wants to do. It’s hilarious and even at times thoughtful.

An interesting note is the on screen chemistry between Rose Byrne and Seth Rogen, they play off each other so well. You could actually believe that they are a married couple, and that Seth has done very well for himself. They have a few very awkward scenes together, but it only adds to the comedy. Another great on screen pairing is Zac Efron and Dave Franco who take “bros before hos” to a whole new level, Christopher Mintz-Plasse further rounds out this dream party team and after seeing these guys on the big screen I just really wished I could join them. The film is a generational tale at its heart, it’s got kids afraid to grow up clashing with the adults who are afraid to be old, it’s something we can all relate to and that’s what helps make a great comedy.

It’s a silly film, but it’s a pretty great one and I’ve been looking forward to it for nearly 6 months. I was thankfully not disappointed, until I got home and realized that there was no booze, because once you see this movie you will want to go out and party hard.

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